A Cafe 361 interview with Patti Thacker

By Nikki Techau, member of Cafe 361

I had the chance to talk to the most loving person you could ever meet in Café 361 and her name is Patti Thacker. Patti Thacker is a community volunteer, she is a political activist and she is a fragrance expert at Younkers.

Her favorite part about our meals is that every meal and everything we do, we do with love, and that is something she really loves about us. She has been to every meal that we had up to when we started (which is amazing). And she really loves us. She was inspired by a close friend to come, and now she loves it so much that she never wants to leave!

Patti’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition at her house is the gathering of family and friends, because what’s better than to spend the holidays with the people you love? She cares deeply about that and it shows tremendously. Something that is very special to her during the holidays; and I think that this should be really special to all of us, is that to her it is better to give than receive.

Patti is a special woman who has been with us from the start and she will continue to be with us for years to come. That is why I interviewed her. Like she says her favorite four lettered word is love, and that should be everyone’s favorite word throughout the holidays.

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