A Taste of India

When you decide to do a specific fundraiser meal, you know the menu needs to be special and delicious. Cafe 361 decided to try a whole new cuisine we have never cooked before, Indian. Thus “A Taste of India” night was born. The meal prep started weeks before the April dinner at the actual restaurant, Taste of India. We had to get a feel for good Indian food and then figure out what recipes we could recreate with the Cafe 361 chefs.

Guests entered to a table set with the Naan, hummus and cilantro chutney for their appetizer. This was followed by an entree of butter chicken, Biryani rice, Indian style mixed vegetables and pakova (a cauliflower mixture, similar to falafel). The meal was finished off with not 1 but 2 special Indian desserts. These were mango lassis (mango smoothie) and Carrot Halwa.

We have to thank Taste of India for providing the Naan and Pakova, however the Cafe 361 chefs were in charge of the rest. Spices and herbs are very important in Indian cooking. With the goal of authentic flavors, there was a lot of test tasting going on in the kitchen! It paid off as the request for recipes and compliments to the chefs were heard all around.

And you can’t have an Indian themed meal without Bollywood. Three of the chefs performed a dance to an Indian song for the guests.

What a fun night for Lois Albrecht to attend her first Cafe 361 meal. Cafe chef Cindy sat down with Lois after the meal to get to know one of our guests a little better. Lois was inspired to come to the Indian fundraiser after a told her about it. She has eat Indian cuisine a lot previously. From the extensive menu, Lois’ favorite dishes were the butter chicken and the cabbage vegetable mixture.

When asked what her favorite ethnic food is, Indian and Mexican were Lois’ top 2. She did tell Cindy she would be back to visit Cafe 361 again. Lucky for Lois, our next Cafe 361 meal theme is Mexican happening Friday, May 19th!

*Due to the many requests for the Indian menu recipes, we will publish some of those in our next blog post. Stay tuned!*

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