Leadership “Styles”

It has been a month since the Cafe 361 chefs have gotten together for a Girls With Ideas session. The month of February flew by! We still wanted to share what the girls have been learning. Our last session was a creative exercise that showcased how quick thinking and crafty our Cafe chefs are. (Hidden talents came shining out!)

All the girls have discovered that there are different leadership styles displayed across the board. This session they were able to see how having a variety in leadership can be beneficial. Team-building is important to Cafe 361 and we began by splitting the girls into 3 teams.  Their mission? Design stylish outfits for girl leaders, take photos of the styles and write an inspirational caption. The catch? The teams could only use newspapers, plastic wrap and tinfoil. No tape included! With a 20 minute time limit, we watched as the girls dived into their task.

When the 20 minutes was up, the final results were extremely impressive. Their outfits proved communication, creativity and problem solving are all skills these young women have. More importantly, their captions around the inspiration for the outfits they created showcased what they see value in.

Group 1: Don’t judge yourself. Be yourself.

Group 2: Every leader isn’t the same, some stand out.

Group 3: Simple is stylish. Keep it simple.

All three finished looks! Each different and unique. We are excited to continue the Girls With Ideas curriculum this month. We will learn about different ideas and brainstorm our own coming up in March. Stay tuned to what happens next!


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