Year-End Fiesta

Hard to believe another year is done for Cafe 361. What better way to celebrate than with a fiesta?! Our chefs put on a classic Mexican feast May 19th, that delighted guests like always.

The menu included:

  • Black bean, corn and avocado salsa
  • Fiesta rice
  • Refried beans
  • Mexican Enchilada Bake
  • Homemade pico de gallo
  • Tres Leche Cake
  • “Church” margarita punch

Each meal, the Cafe 361 chefs sit at various tables so they can talk to our guests. This helps improve communications skills, as well as allow those dining with us a chance to get to know the girls and each other better!

During the meal, Cafe 361 chef Rosette sat with guest Karen Vlasek. Karen is retired now but she used to be a labor nurse at Mercy Hospital. This is her 4th Cafe 361 dinner she has been to. So what inspired Karen to attend? Karen is actually part of a group that is looking into starting their own “Cafe 361” on the west side of Cedar Rapids. They saw an article in the newspaper about us and decided they should start another one, focused on the west side.

Karen also said she came to the fiesta dinner to see the girls and her good experience the previous times. Rosette found out Karen has been to Mexico twice as well. Always curious to know what people enjoyed eating the most, Rosette asked Karen what her favorite part of the meal was. The enchilada bake won out! 


As this was our last meal of the year, we had to recognize the Cafe 361 girls who have regularly attended and participated this past year. We got to give medals to the first-year chefs, certificates to the 2nd-year chefs, scholarships to the 3rd-year chefs and BIG kudos to the 4th-year chefs. Cannot believe it’s been 4 years for Cafe. Check out the groups below!

Other snapshots:

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